Wednesday, December 14, 2011


So it's been awhile. I think my last post was back before Thanksgiving. So let me catch you up there. We to my sister-in-law's for 10 days. Had a fun filled 10 days. Did Great Wolf Lodge with my Aunt, Uncle, and cousin's sons. Had a ton of fun. Did the Polar Express, which I had the best time. Not so sure about the kids. We did Thanksgiving up right and had a birthday party. (My niece's, she turned 8). Went swimming on the saturday afterwards and flew home that Sunday.

In that whole week, my hubby came home. It was bitter-sweet. I was so glad he was home but sad, that we weren't there to meet him at the plane. Will never do that again. The nice thing was that he picked us up at the airport. That was so much fun. Got it on video. Abbie was so surprised. She actually yelled at me for lying to her. Patrick was so happy his dad was home. He told him "I like you dad." (I think he mean love).

We've had a few weeks to get back in the swing of things. Which is nice. It was so much of a hassle this time around. Probably because it was a shorter time period. Patrick doesn't like that he has to go to work, so now we are counting down the days until he is on leave (vacation). He is taking a whole month. I'm excited because I might be able to sleep in. Not a luxury I get to do, when he is gone.

We were told by our rental company that the home owners have to sell the house (court ordered) because they are divorcing. So we should start looking for a place in February. Well, I was informed today that they have someone interested in looking at the house and want to see it some time in the beginning of next week. Yippie!!! I almost want to be an ass and say sorry we will be here until our lease is up (2 yrs). But then again I don't want to stay in this house at the same time. I guess we shall see how it goes from here on out.

I try to get some pictures up of what we've been doing lately. Walks at the Scenic Drive, Free hockey games, Build to Grow at Lowes. I will see if I can get the video up here too. More will come. I promise to get back on the band wagon.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

This week

I would have said this week was fairly easy week. That was until we hit Thursday. It was like any other thursday but then I get a call from my in-laws. My mother in-law fell down the stairs and broke her wrist and banged up her hip pretty bad. Went to the E.R. and had it set and was told to come have pins place on Friday.

Friday comes around, my friend calls and asks if I can watch two of the four kids because she needs to take one of her sons to the E.R. because he was complaining of chest pains. No problem. Well, come to find out he has Pneumonia and is getting transferred to another hospital to be admitted. So she came and dropped off the youngest one. So by 2:00 I had 5 kids. Seriously out numbered, so needed by battle buddy. 4:30 Patrick decided Bag Balm needs to be all over his floor instead of the container. I want to say it was because I wasn't giving him all my attention but it's not the reason. He is just in that stage (well I'm hoping its a stage). 6:00 everyone is fed. 7:00 the youngest ones are in the bath (spaghetti is messy food). 7:30 sitting down and watching a movie. Mom comes to pick up the kids. The patient is doing much better with fluids and rest. Mother-in-law gets in and out of surgery with no complications and is home resting.

I'm hoping this coming week isn't filled with as much excitement.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


I've posted earlier that I would like a date but now I wish I had a little more time. I think we all get to that point. I have a list of things to do before my hubby comes home. You know that list you let slack because its just you and the kids and he isn't here to really care. Or he may not care even if he was here list. Well, we are traveling this coming week and he is suppose to return some time between the day we leave and the day we get back.

I have done some of my things on my list, but it seems to grow longer this is what my list looks like.

  1. Laundry -wash and put away (never ending)
  2. Get boxes our of living room (done)
  3. Mop kitchen & living room (found out my Shark mop is clogged)
  4. Clean bathrooms
  5. Finish pulling weeds (still hasn't been done)
  6. Clean up bed room
  7. Get something together for a welcome home present.
    1. Set up on the table (day we leave)
  8. Clean upstairs (kids rooms and toy room)
  9. Put Holiday cards in the mail (address, stamped and waiting to be put in the mail)
I've added somethings.
  1. Make a poster
  2. Drop keys of with a friend
  3. Drop the cat off at the boarding 
  4. Print off
    1. itineraries
    2. directions to the boarding place
    3. Verizon wireless
  5. Clean Bag Balm off the floor in Patrick's room.
I tell you this list is getting longer not shorter. I know you are looking at that last one going Bag Balm really? Yes my 3 year old decided that the whole container of bag balm would serve better purpose on his carpet than in the container. There is more to that story but will elaborate on another day. So happy my hubby is coming home soon and can enjoy these little moments. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I guess my expectations of this deployment would be smooth (so far has been) kind of went out the door the last couple of weeks. I've asked for a date and I got a tentative date. A date I don't really want. I want him to come home don't get me wrong. I can't wait for him to come home.

The tentative date runs along the same date that we travel for Thanksgiving. I know if he comes home before then we probably wouldn't get on the plane. The one deployment, that I have plans I can't back out of, he would come home early.

He is kind of excited if he comes home while we are gone because he can meet us at the airport. Which would floor both of our kids, it just sucks because we are the only family in the area and he won't have anyone to meet him at the gym or airport or where ever. Other than a friend's wife, which is a big weight off my shoulders. He has told me repeatedly that its ok, if we are not there. It's not ok with me. I want that first kiss. The first hug. The anticipation of homecoming.

I guess I need to adjust my expectations will be a little different this time. I guess I still can have the butterflies, the first kiss at the airport. I know Abbie will be over the moon and I don't know what Patrick will do besides run around like a mad man. I can't wait to see how it goes.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Date....

Today I figured out why I was so short tempered with my kids. Sad to say it's happen a few times this week and really need to work on that. After being woken up at 6:30 am (on a Saturday no less), there was a struggle of the raspberry jelly  which ended with it being dropped on the floor. Of course I didn't have a break the rest of the day. I figured out that I needed a date, a little number that would tell me my husband would/could be home on. Of course I don't have one so it makes days like a little hard.

We did make it to the trick-or-treating at the Freedom Crossing, wish we went back for the concert. Patrick ended up falling asleep by the time we got back to the house. So we ended up just chilling the rest of the day.

So I'm hoping that I can get a date soon and end this waiting game I find myself in.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Daddy's Girl

Giggles and bird calls
Abbie's been daddy's girl since forever, deployments are probably the hardest on her. She has been dealing with them since she was four. 

Snuggling in Miami
She is really looking forward to the end of December. That is when I told her Daddy is coming home. For the last two days she has said its almost November and then its December.

R&R Feb'07

He may be home before the end of December but I don't want to let the kids know unless its longer. So, now we are in the waiting game; which is always fun. The other day at breakfast, Patrick asked if Daddy was coming home today. Abbie told him no not until December, which I said the end of December because we don't have a date. She just sighed and said I know, wish it was now. 

Welcome Home Sept '07
All I could think was so do I. So, lets just cross our fingers that November and December go quickly as possible.

Friday, October 21, 2011


My daughter got the mail yesterday and was so excited to find a letter in there for her. Turns out that it was from her Daddy. She couldn't wait to tear into it. So I told her she needed to be careful opening the envelope.

Turns out there were a couple of pictures and a letter. She read through the whole letter and when she got to the end, she just sighed and said oh, daddy I miss you.

Once we got home she took her pictures and taped them up on her wall. Along with her letter. I can't wait to be able to tell my husband.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Abbie enjoying the finish product.

It is finished, I have to say that I miss working on it. It probably could have gone on longer. It ended up just perfect for her bed and she has been using it ever since it was completed.

Knuckles wouldn't leave me alone while trying to finish.
Patrick asked me where his blanket was. So I guess I have a future project in the works. I just have to find two complimenting colors. 

Halfway done. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Excited and Not

At our last FRG meeting (family readiness group) we were told that a couple of the units in our BDE (brigade) have orders to come home. One unit was already in Kuwait. Which is exciting and happy for those units and their families. As I have a friend in one of those units, I am happy for them. Just wish it was my husband's unit. 

J.B. called me the other day and asked what would happen if he came home before Thanksgiving. I asked does he have a definite date. He replied back with no. I took a deep breath and said it would be great if you can be home before the 17th. That would be great, as if I can just ask for any date I want. Of course we have plans to go out of town and we are flying so it would be a bummer to lose that money and not go on our trip.  I feel bad for thinking that, my husband is way more important than any trip, but he did tell me that it would be ok. I flat out told him to shut up. We have always been here for good byes and homecomings, we are not about to miss one. It would be like jinxing us. So now we are in a waiting pattern. Now I regret wanting to be out of town for Thanksgiving. 

Upside is that he may not even be home by then or if he comes home while we are gone, then maybe he could surprise us at the airport when we come back. Wouldn't that just floor our children. It doesn't sit easy with us still planning on going on the trip. I miss my husband seriously bad. I know all wives do during a deployment but I don't want to miss our on homecoming. If he truly is home by then it will our shortest deployment yet and let me tell you he deserves a short one. I know I'm probably the only wife that wishes he would be home sometime after Thanksgiving. 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Ian James

Day 2 or 3 after his surgery at Tacoma General.

My husband and I were 19 when we had our first child. Some will say, 'Your to young'. It was just right for us. He was a gift. Being first time parents that young was scary. We didn't know what to expect and then find out that he had Gastrochisis. It's a condition where their is a whole in the abdomen wall and his intestines were on the outside of his body. It's not genetic, the doctors told us it was a fluke.

He was born at 34 weeks, they worried about him but as a mom, I knew he was fine. He came out screaming. From then on we were in for a wild ride. I will never forget our first meeting with Dr. Noel, he was the pediatric grastroenterologist that would be taking on Ian's care. He came into my recovery room (maybe an hour post delivery) matter-of-fact gave us our options: 1. We could do nothing and let him starve to death, which would be a few days because he was a healthy guy or 2. We could do everything medically possible for him. Of course we didn't really like option 1. Thus, sending us on a journey of hospitals, surgeries, and meeting some really awesome people (mostly hospital staff).
He loved the lime light @ Omaha, NE. 
After his first surgery, we found out the a bowel extension wouldn't be in his future. We had to get on the list for a transplant. It's a very scary thing talking about a transplant. I have heard of hearts and lungs, but never stomach, small bowel, liver, pancreas, and spleen. So being in the west we naturally went to Omaha, Nebraska. Let me just say we will never go back to Omaha again. Told us Ian needed a transplant but they wouldn't do it because of our insurance; Ian would die by his first birthday; and my husband would become an alcoholic. After we got back to Fort Lewis and talked with our doctors (mainly Dr. Noel) we decided we would never go there again. Dr. Noel worked extremely hard to get us a compassionate reassignment back east, so we could be closer to Pittsburgh and Miami. The two other places that does multiviseral transplants.

Goofing around May of 2003
Ian was evaluated at both places. I will never forget Miami's eval, prior to going Ian was in the ICU because there was a rule that he couldn't have an Octreotide drip on the pediatric floor. Octreotide helped with the bleeding but at the same time kills the liver. So when we flew down to Miami we were admitted to the ICU. The doctors come in and say he looks like he is ICU material. We were transferred to a regular room the next day. Out of all the places I liked Miami the best, which is where Ian ended up getting organs from.

He is telling us she doesn't have to stay right?
He met his sister two weeks before his birthday which ended up being a blessing because we got the call that he had a organ match and needed to get down there. That very same day my dad flew into BWI, we ended up going from the airport to the hospital to send off Ian and J.B. and started driving south to Miami. We didn't know at the time that all of us could have flown with him. We knew we had some time because the surgery takes at least 24+ hours. We made it to Miami, just in time to be told everything went well.

With his Daddy post transplant, got such a great birthday gift.

They keep them sedated for at least two weeks to make sure they don't fidget and dislodge tubing, pull stitches, etc. Our biggest surprise was that his 'boys' were the size of grapefruits and they couldn't even have a diaper on him. I think that was the puffiest I've ever seen him. He didn't even have a nose and his eyes were purple from all the fluid. We were so thankful he made it through.
8 months after his first transplant he got another one a kidney.

One transplant wasn't enough, that he had to have a kidney. Which was ok the picture above is post surgery. Up being center of attention hours post op. He did like the attention. His favorite nurse was Raquel and he loved the male nurses too.

His 2nd birthday. We got to smuggle his sister in.
The day after Abbie's birthday we notice Ian was having a hard time breathing. So we took him into the E.R., I will never forget the look on his face when they put the oxygen on him and he just relaxed. (It was a kick in the stomach because we knew we should have gotten him in sooner). He didn't want to go and be admitted, like he knew he wasn't going to be coming home with us. Which he was right, they did cultures of his throat, they came back positive for a cold. The number one thing we never wanted to hear. The doctors were positive at first, 10 days later he was on the JET ventilator. His body couldn't handle anymore and started coding on us a month later. I have to say that one of my favorite doctors of all time is Dr. Salvaggi (yes that's Italian, he is just as good looking, but an extremely passionate doctor). After they got him stabilize after his second code on the 6 of July, we cornered him outside of the ICU, asked him the hard question. If he will be able to come back from this. He stopped and said, "I don't know Momma. His body is shutting down." Right then and there we knew that we couldn't go on like this, Ian couldn't go on like this and made the decision to hold him while they turned down the support. I will always cherish that time, but I have to say that was one of the worse days of my life. Thank God, for the support we had through out the hospital, our friends that took care of Abbie while that was going on so we could be with him. 

I want people to know that life is to short. I know that is a clique but it is so true. Ian was only with us for two years but he was a light and touched so many lives. I miss him everyday and wish he could have met his younger brother. I have a feeling he is looking over him. I see a lot of Ian in him, they would have cause double the trouble. They were/are sneaky.

Miss you Bubba!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I'm sad because my husband told me not to send him anymore mail. I'm not sure if this is because the are moving or actually leaving the country he is in. Or maybe because it's because the mail is getting ridiculously slow.

I hope he gets the box I sent him 2 weeks ago. Or even the postcard I dropped in the mail on Monday.

I wish we knew what was going on or what to expect. I guess with the Army I will always be hoping. I should be used to not knowing what's going on, but it is extremely frustrating. Specially when I have two kids who would like to know when their daddy is coming home.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Patrick's silliness

The flash squint.

Post eyes closed. 
Momma take you of my boogers.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

5 days

It was five days since the last time I got to hear my husbands voice. I talked to him tonight and it was a relief. Just to her 'hey how are you doing?'

It was six days since I saw him on Skype, boy do I miss those days where we skyed everyday. I wish I could complain about it. I'm never going to under estimate Skype dates again.

Today was a day that I wish I had my battle buddy. No, I needed my battle buddy. In the a.m we went to Abbie's school to participate in the Wellness Run. They have one once a month. You run laps around the school the class with the highest average gets a trophy. Not sure if they get it for the month or just a day. Family members can come along and run, so Patrick and I went. We each did two laps, so that made her total up to 6 laps. I hope we helped get them at the top.

I also said that I would watch a friend's son. His wife had to work till 9 p.m. and he had a night range. So we took on one more. Well, it was going good until the boys decided they couldn't share. Then pushing and shoving and pulling started. Of course that led to tears and broken body parts (that is Patrick's line ___ is broken).

Around dinner prep time, which is always Patrick's melt down time, he just automatically got up at the table to start coloring. Maybe we will by pass melt down from now on. I decided to cook up the acorn squash I got from the store last weekend. Well it needed more than 45 minutes. Which wasn't good, but it ended up better because the steaks were really thin so they didn't take anytime to cook up.

After dinner I got both boys to sit and watch a movie while I helped Abbie finish her homework. Well, by that time it was spelling which was triangle spelling so I didn't do much. We struggled with math tonight. Multiplication is my down fall and heaven for bid we get to division. I think I will take a vacation when that happens.

Didn't get peace and quiet until about 9'o'clock and remembered trash day is tomorrow. Rounded all that up and took it out. Came back in and saw the kitchen and decided it would be better if I left it for tomorrow morning. My feet hurt from being on them all day and I'm tired. Shocking right.

This lady is signing off and hitting the hay. Night all!!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Kids say the Darndest Things

As we were leaving to go grocery shopping and grab some lunch Patrick (my youngest) said "I want my Daddy." Abbie (my oldest) said, "Sorry he is in Iraq." Patrick replied with "Why?" Abbie answered with, "To kill the bad guys."

I am not sure if I should be worried with this statement or not. When my husband was deployed the first time, she was three like our son is now. I think back to that time when we discussed him leaving and having to go over seas and how it was to be a long time before she could see him again. We told her it was for his work and that is what his boss said he had to do. We never said anything about bad guys or killing for that matter. What gets me the most is she said it so nonchalantly that it was an everyday thing.

A memorial stand my husband and his Chaplain made before his 2nd deployment.
Her dad is a Chaplain Assistant. In war that pretty much comes down to being the Chaplain's body guard. He also sets up services and arranges one on one time with the Chaplain and a soldier if need be and heaven forbid if they lose a soldier he would put together a memorial service. In peace or non-deployment, he does most of the same things in combat but the body guard. Mainly because there shouldn't be a threat here in the states.

If my husband were killing the bad guys, it means the FOB (forward operating base) is having a bad day and the Chaplain is in danger. I'm not saying he isn't qualified to go out on patrols (because I know he has) and take fire and return it,  its just not suppose to be in his day to day operation.

My question is do I correct her and saying no he isn't actually there to kill bad guys but it could be a by product of a situation? Or just let her go one thinking its that simple. It maybe easier for her to cope with him being gone.

Special Stuff French Toast

One of my favorite recipes. I made this last year for my anniversary. Celebrated 9 years together. This year will be 10 and most likely won't be able to be together. 

Here is the recipe:

1 cup plus 2 tbsp sugar, divided
2 tbsp cornstarch
3/4 cup water
4 cups frozen raspberries thawed (but you can use any frozen fruit)
1 pkg. (8 oz) cream cheese, softened
1 cup confectioner's sugar
12 slices Texas toast
1 egg 
1 cup milk
12 slices of Texas toast

For the sauce combined the 1 cup of sugar and cornstarch in a small saucepan. Stir in the water until smooth. Add raspberries. Bring to a boil; cook and stir for 1-2 minutes or until it thickened. Remove from the heat and set aside.

In a small bowl, beat cream cheese and confectioners' sugar until smooth. Spread over six slices of bread; top with remaining bread.

In a shallow bowl, whisk the egg, milk and remaining sugar. Dip both sides of bread into egg mixture.

In a large nonstick coated with cooking spray, toast bread on each side until golden brown. Top with sauce.


Friday, September 30, 2011


This is a christmas presents
for my one of my sister-in-laws.
Made our of Berroco Pure Pima yarn
Color 2226 lot 686. 

This is a blanket I'm making for my daughter
I have no picked it back up because it has cooled 
off in Texas.
Made out of Plymouth Yarn Encore Knitting Worsted Weight
Magenta and Red double yarn knitting.
My daughter picked out the colors.

This is my son christmas stocking.
It probably won't be done 
this year, but hopefully next year.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Monday, September 26, 2011


My parents were here for nine days. That doesn't seem like a lot and I can be honest and say that I wish it was longer. In those nine days, we cleaned up the garage, rearranged Abbie's room, picked up the toy room, organized the office, celebrated a birthday at the zoo, went swimming, pulled weeds, and found the Rio Grande River.

After our busy week I needed a just a break, but I am missing the adult conversation the most. Yesterday I didn't feel like doing anything and really didn't (except 3 load of laundry) but I stayed in my bed most of the day. Which is hard with two active children. We snuggled down and watched a movie on my computer and listened to music; read some and just chilaxed.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Finding the Rio Grande River.

So my mom and dad came to visit. It was lovely, got a lot of things done around the house. 
 One of the things my mom wanted to do was find the Rio Grande River. So we did a google search found out that if we took one exit we could go a few miles into New Mexico and see it. We were successful, we had to stop at a Dollar General. Which told us to go back to the liquor store and take a right. 

This is what we found:

The bridge

It's a little low, but then again we haven't had our 'monsoon' season yet. It's still pretty. Of course I had to get the construction equipment.

My little engineer, was super stoked when a train came through.

A view of the Franklin Mountains from the west side.

My little man with his Grandpa. 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

September loves!!!

I have to say that going to the Biggs Park splash park in mid september is not something we could have done in Washington or even Montana. 

And get a sunburn. Love the sun!!! Have to say there are pluses to living in El Paso, TX. 

1. Sun all the time. 
2. Still warm in September.

I will keep you posted on the others. My baby turns 3 tomorrow.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Celebrating Patrick!!!

The Zoo for the birthday boy!!!

The Train we had to ride first.

The birthday boy!!! He's turning 3. Can't believe how fast its gone.

My mere cats. Abbie, Aurora, and Patrick.

They also got to ride the carousel. Talk about spoiled. 

Abbie, Aurora, Amelia, and Patrick

We found out that you could go see the sea loins from underneath. Pretty cool. One of the sea lions was trying to eat the kids hand through the glass. 

Patrick found the water park. Played for a good long time. Ended up dry by the time we got finish going through the rest of the zoo.

One of my favorite birds. I think its the bill. When the kids and I went through they decided to serenade us. Pretty interesting.

Of course we had to have a Thomas cake!!!

Can't believe its been 3 years. He is getting so big. Tried to blow out his candles before we were done singing Happy Birthday. Right before that he was singing it to  himself. Love him. 

This birthday will always be remembered because he slammed his thumb in the car door. Poor boy. Getting so big. Just loves everything specially his Grandma & Grandpa

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Anticipation: that is the word for the day. Abbie was so excited to hear that her Grandparents are only 4 1/2 hours away. They will most likely be here before school gets out. I can't wait. Patrick is so in love with his Grandparents I know he is looking forward to this visit.

I'm not ready yet, I never am. The floors in the kitchen need to be mopped. I need to finish my grocery shopping. Clean the bathrooms. You would think I haven't be preparing but that's all I seem to be doing. That and keeping up on the house work: dishes, laundry, pretty much everything thing else that falls into my category. Oh that is everything.

Missing my hubby, which has become a full time job. I'm hoping this deployment isn't actually going to be a whole year. I would take any smaller amount of time. Like say homecoming in February. We hit 10 years of marriage and I'd really like to spend it with the one I love and married. (Highly doubt that is going to happen).

I started my new project. It's a shall for my sister-in-law. Pink, she is going to love it. I also got yarn for Kimberly's shawl. Can't wait to start that. I need to get crack-en.

I find it interesting that I found an old college spanish book. Picked up and opened it and was reading the spanish. Was totally comprehending what was on the page. I wonder why I can't understand it while its spoken. I catch phrases I know and what not but not whole conversations. I'm going to keep the book and see if I can't brush up on my spanish. Maybe even get J.B.'s log on for the Rosetta stone.

I also have to thing of what I'm going to do for Patrick's birthday. I'm not really into it this year. Which is very sad to know. I don't know what to get him. If I should order him a cake or make one. He wants a Thomas the train cake. Abbie wants to do his birthday at the zoo. I'm just not sure how long my parents are going to be here. I'm think Sunday, but even then it I don't want to do it. UGH!!!!  Wish I had my battle buddy here to bounce ideas. The things we take for granted.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Catch up!!

So I know it's been at least a week. So we are going to catch up. 

Over Labor Day weekend we went to see Dan and Kristina and Baby Connor. Who is just cute as cute can be. Got my baby snuggles in. (Which J.B. is happy baby fever didn't set in).

We had a short week for school and it went by fast. Abbie learned a new trick to learn her words. Called the Pyramid. So if you are spelling fast

And then you draw a triangle around the word. She enjoyed it and did well.

I've been working on Patrick's christmas stocking. I will post some pictures. It's going really well. I guess I'm waiting for the other stitch to drop. I know bad joke.

We've been lucky in being hearing from J.B. everyday or at least once a day. Patrick loves to talk to him. He always asks if its Daddy or Grandpa on the phone.

Today was pretty funny. We called my dad to get a hold of my mom. It's her birthday and I figured she didn't have her phone on her. Patrick gets hold of the phone and was telling Grandpa all the things he was doing. Like watching Little Einsteins and in the middle of his diatribe he just stops and says: 'oh hi Grandpa. How are you?' Which he asked all ready. Got to love my boy.

I found some picture collages that the NICU did of Ian when he stayed there after he was born. Kind of glad I went through some boxes today. 
Just need to go through a few more. 

Now we are finishing our day with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Another laugh

So we sit down for dinner and it wasn't anything special eggo waffles and bacon. Yep pretty healthy if you ask me. My poor kids are going to grow thinking you have to stick waffles in the toaster to get them warm. Anyway, we were just sitting down and Abbie started the conversation.

Abbie: "I wonder what El Paso looked like when it was older?" I replied, "Do you mean when it was new?" Abbie: "No, I mean in the olden days like the 80s." I looked at her and said: "Does that mean I'm old?" Abbie: "No, they just didn't make houses like this in the 80s."

I seriously don't know where she comes up with these things. All I could do was smile at her. I was afraid if I laughed she would get mad at me. She is starting to get conscious about stuff like that. I just told her she was pretty funny and I know she doesn't think I'm old.

Patrick today decided it was ok to let Knuckles go outside even though I expressed that he can't. Of course Knuckles was in heaven. He ate some grass, which I hope to find puked back up downstairs and not upstairs in one of the rooms on the carpet. Oh, well. I'm gonna have to start carrying the camera around. He is getting to stinkin' cute now a days.

Not much going on. Counting down the days to go see Kristina, Dan and Baby Connor. Super excited!!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Anticipation for Grandma's visit.

We were eating dinner tonight and Abbie just randomly says "Mom, the song still applies." I replied, "What song?" She comes back with "Grandma is coming around the mountain when she comes. We have a mountain, she would have to come around." She is so looking forward to her Grandma's visit. I hope my mom plans on staying for more than a weekend. If not then we will make due, but her Granddaughter might not like it so much.

Think Jb has pushed on, haven't heard from him for two days. I know. I know. Last deployment I complained I heard to much from him. I just don't want to waste talking with him. I think this time its going to be harder because he doesn't have a computer either. So, hopefully he will try to call more. We shall see.

Patrick was pretty cute. He wore his tennis shoes today (we've lost one of his crocs). He kept putting them on the wrong feet. I kept telling him they were on the wrong feet and he kept saying 'No on my feet momma.' The boy is certainly cute when he is logical. I think he took off his crocs in my room but somehow I have lost it. Which is sad because I cleaned my room so I don't know where it could have gone. I guess, I will just have to keep looking.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Sunday!!!

Or was the song Monday Monday? Oh well, today was a good day. Patrick was a crack up today. I put him up at the table when I was making dinner. He didn't get a nap today so everything was wrong. Bumping into things and hurting bad. So I decided he needed to just be. Gave him his coloring book and crayons and he was a happy camper.

I'm watching Rising:Building Ground Zero on the science channel. It makes me sad that when I was in NYC back in April that Amanda and I didn't go see it. I can't wait to go back to New York. I would really like to go back and see the new tower and the memorial. You know the crazy thing of it is, my family and I were in NYC in July of that year. Actually, walked right below the towers to go see the statue of Liberty. I can tell you exactly what I was doing that day. I was house sitting for a friend's parents that went to Norway for a trip. Walked to MSU~Billings campus to head to my math class. My math teacher walked in and said "I think we are all wanting to be near a t.v.  I went back to the house that I was house sitting and turned on the t.v. just in time to watch the first tower fall. I called my mom and told her to get the t.v in the kitchen and turn it on. We were both shocked. Now watching the show is so sad and awe-inspiring. Just watching the memorial museum collecting debris from the actually site and from people that were there, is unbelievable. I want to take my kids there and tell them about it. One of the reason Jb, my husband, went active. I can remember we were just kids.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hard Nights

It's nights like these where we would be sitting on the couch watching something on the t.v. or a movie that are the hardest. The quiet just comes up and gets you. Tonight I'm missing my best friend. Wishing he was sitting here next to me on the couch or even playing his x-box. I know silly things to wish for but for me it would be great.

Miss you babe!!! Be safe and come back soon!!! Love you with everything that is me.

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Blahs

The last couple days have been blah days. Nothing bad but nothing to great either. I will probably have a few of these days in the next year and many years to come.

We went to Menchies with Tiffany last wednesday. That was pretty fun. I tried the Dulce de leche yogurt. It tasted like frozen caramel. Very yummy.

We made plans to get together this weekend to make puppy chow. I'm not sure if she wants to come to my house or we do it at hers. I will have to text her tomorrow to see what she has in mind. We picked up some cards to send to Jb. Can't wait to get those off in the mail. I need to grab some stamps. I might actually have some in my wallet.

Abbie survived her first week of school. We celebrated with CiCi's Pizza and a couple used games for the wii. I'm trying to stock our wii games up. Maybe we will play it more. We got Wipeout. Which is hilarious, we may have to take that one to Dan and Kristina's house. I would love to see how Dan does. We also got Super Mario Galaxy 2. Hopefully it isn't as hard as the last one. We shall see though.

I also had my blood draw done up for the life insurance policy we decided to do.

The blahs are making me tired so this lady is off to bed.

Hasta luego!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pulling My Hair Out by the End of the Day!!

The day started out great. Patrick actually came down and snuggled with me for half hour before the alarm went off. Once we got Abbie off to school, I dove right into laundry. Folded the load Jb left of his clothes and misc stuff. Did 3 loads after that. Most of its put away except the kids stuff. Haven't finished folding that stuff.

Patrick played outside for most of the morning. I fixed our Logitech all in one remote. I about flipped my shit over that. It said low battery needs to charge, so I stuck it on the charger and came back a few hours later. It read failure to charge, I was like I so do not need this right now. I figured maybe it was the surge protector.  I unplugged it and plugged it back into a wall outlet. Nope read failure to charge. So I synced it up with the computer. It needed an update. I was like why can't you just program it to say that? Charged fine after that.

Our bed time routine is a little different now. Instead of me laying down with Patrick until he goes to sleep. Abbie reads him a story and then I go in and tuck him and his daddy doll. Give him kisses and tell him to go to sleep. I usually only have to go in there once. Well, tonight he was quiet for a long time so I thought he was out. So I went into the kitchen to finish up the dishes. After I was done I went to check on Patrick and tuck him back in and what not. He wasn't even in his room. He wasn't in Abbie's either. He was in the office (where he shouldn't have been) playing with my reader and to make it even worse he broke my stylus. I swear he doesn't want to survive to his 3rd birthday. I swatted his butt and sent him back to bed. Seriously thought about pulling my hair out. Instead I took a shower and I am in a much more relax state right now.

Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of School

Was a success. She loved it. Likes her teacher and made a new friend. Came home excited that she started learning cursive letters. I think we will have to get a book so she can practice and get her penmanship better. Should be interesting.

She was so excited to go to school today she was up at 6:15 am to get dressed and go. I told my alarm doesn't go off until 6:45 I'll see you in 30 minutes. Crazy kid, I know I was excited for her to go to school but not that early.

We even switched up the cookies on the first day. Instead of having them made. I started the cookies and we finished them when she got home. She loves cracking eggs. Which is great for me, I hate it. I usually get all slimy and gross. Plus, she had to have ice cream right after school and since it was so hot I couldn't blame her.

Jb called right before I went to get her and left a message for her. She is so cute, every night she blows a kiss to Jb and says good night daddy. It has me tear up a little every time.

I have started to put Patrick's clothes away in my room. I never get his clothes upstairs so I decided that I may as well just stick them in my room so then they wouldn't be stuck in a basket all the time and the laundry would actually be all put away. (wishful thinking I know) I've also started putting stuff aside for Connor (Kristina and Dan's son). I can't wait to take it to him in 2 weeks. I am so counting down the days. I'm gonna have me some quality baby time. Even though he will be 6 weeks old, I can't wait to snuggle the little guy. Which reminds me I will have to call Kristina to see how he did sleeping in his bed went tonight.

Well this lady is going to clean off the bed and hit the hay. I picked up two new books that I want to read.

Hasta luego!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Night Before the First Day of School

I wish I could say its quiet but its not. Well not totally quiet, the washing machine and dryer are doing over time. I didn't get Abbie's uniforms in through the wash before tonight. Found a load of towels that must have been there since last week. I doubled up on everything and had to rewash the towels.

We did manage to get her things in her back pack. I hope she like her teacher. I think she will.

I have to confess, I didn't sleep well or at all last night. I think I did get like 3 hours. I want to get her uniforms washed and dried so I can go to sleep tonight. Other than that we didn't do much today. Just been bums. It was nice for the last day of summer (so to speak).

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Survived the Sleepover

So I was not sure I was going to survive the sleepover; but we did. Abbie and Amelia didn't stop talking and giggling till 2 am. Poor Aurora came downstairs and slept on the couch. She said it was a lot more comfortable than the floor. I wasn't sure why they were sleeping on the floor, when Abbie's bed could probably fit all three of them comfortably.

Took them to Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. They have a new Lemon Kreme Pie doughnut. It was delish. I do have to say it was messy only because the outside was caked in powdered sugar and I guess me and powdered sugar doesn't go well.

He is my fishboy. He LOVES the water.

She too had a blast.

I'm not sure if it was cold but they wanted me to take their pictures while they standing there. 

Doesn't this look like water jail?

Then I decided that I was going to take all the kids to Biggs Water Park. I think they had a blast and gave Christian some down time. Aurora wanted to set another date for a sleepover when Puss in Boots come out in November. I bet it will be fun, but I'd take them to an earlier showing.

Well this girl is exhausted and she is off to bed. Good night everyone.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Movie Night with the Girls!!!

Yes we went to Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World. Amelia, Aurora, and Abbie went with me. It was fun. Now they are all up in Abbie's room sequestered. Left Patrick out. Poor little guy.

He has taken Daddy's phone off somewhere to play, Angry Birds no less.

It hasn't taken very long to adapt to single life, well I'm still adjusting but the making sure my phone is on me at all times; both pair of keys; moved the body pillow up on the bed. I've decided they need to figure out how to make a heated body pillow. They would make a killing near base that have units deploy.

OPSEC ~ Operational Security. It's information that we should not put out on the internet or through phone calls because the 'enemy' will be able to track it down and use it.

Well now a days every unit has started using facebook. I'm not saying they should and its about the best place to get information out but I draw the line at putting the address where the units are going to be. Maybe it isn't opsec anymore. Who knows but man, its a sad day when I have to go to facebook to get the information I should receive in an email.

Talked to Jb tonight. He said they got in around 5 our time. He sounded tired. Hope he gets some rest. He has already told me a few things that he forgot and needed.

Open House Madness

So today was open house at Abbie's new school. What a cluster of a mess that was. The parents in some regards were/are worse than the kids. The principle was talking about attendance and discipline actions and no one could hear her. I could barely hear her and I was in the front row. Plus, then they passed out ice cream. The kids wanted ice cream and I just wanted to go see her teacher.

I'm not sure about this year. I think she has a first time teacher. I'm not saying first timers are a bad thing but I think Abbie needs one that knows the ropes. Maybe not we shall see.

After the open house we went school supply shopping with Christian and his girls. It was a riot, not the same as my shopping buddy Amanda. I miss her a lot.

My favorite picture of my babies.

A good family picture

My Boys

Not really sure what was going on.

Crazy like tiger. Eric took this picture. It turned out great. LOL

The last hug. Until next time. Be safe babe!!!