Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pulling My Hair Out by the End of the Day!!

The day started out great. Patrick actually came down and snuggled with me for half hour before the alarm went off. Once we got Abbie off to school, I dove right into laundry. Folded the load Jb left of his clothes and misc stuff. Did 3 loads after that. Most of its put away except the kids stuff. Haven't finished folding that stuff.

Patrick played outside for most of the morning. I fixed our Logitech all in one remote. I about flipped my shit over that. It said low battery needs to charge, so I stuck it on the charger and came back a few hours later. It read failure to charge, I was like I so do not need this right now. I figured maybe it was the surge protector.  I unplugged it and plugged it back into a wall outlet. Nope read failure to charge. So I synced it up with the computer. It needed an update. I was like why can't you just program it to say that? Charged fine after that.

Our bed time routine is a little different now. Instead of me laying down with Patrick until he goes to sleep. Abbie reads him a story and then I go in and tuck him and his daddy doll. Give him kisses and tell him to go to sleep. I usually only have to go in there once. Well, tonight he was quiet for a long time so I thought he was out. So I went into the kitchen to finish up the dishes. After I was done I went to check on Patrick and tuck him back in and what not. He wasn't even in his room. He wasn't in Abbie's either. He was in the office (where he shouldn't have been) playing with my reader and to make it even worse he broke my stylus. I swear he doesn't want to survive to his 3rd birthday. I swatted his butt and sent him back to bed. Seriously thought about pulling my hair out. Instead I took a shower and I am in a much more relax state right now.

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