Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Good Stuff!!!

So... today started out like any other day... Yeah right, we have all come down with colds, so we are a hot mess to put it lightly. 

So much so, instead of writing a note to the teacher stating we left Patrick's name tag at home and he would have to go without it. I just slipped $4.00 into an envelope and bought a replacement. 

Today, was going to go something like...
1. Drop Abbie off at school. 
2. Make pancakes for Patrick. It's his comfort food.
3. Get him in his uniform and drop him off at the bus stop.
4. Go home soak in the tub, because who doesn't when they don't feel well.
5. Take a nap. Rest is always good when you don't feel well right?

So we made it through the first three right on schedule and then came time for drop off at the bus. And you could tell my bus mom, my battle buddy was not having a good day. It's her birthday and at 10:20 am she was at the end of her rope. 

Might have been because her son woke her up at 7:00 to wish her happy birthday.
Could be she really wanted her hubby to text her a happy birthday. (He's currently out in the field prepping for Gunnery or another field exercise). Could have been the notice she received from the school notifying her son's account was negative and would need money put in. (When she knows she budgeted the right amount and sent it in with him). 

So right then,  I was thinking no one deserved to spend their morning of their birthday in a crappy mood. I do believe your attitude is everything and will make or break you day.  If some way, somehow,  I could do just one thing to brighten her day, I was going to do it. 

So I suggested lunch, well suggested implies I gave her an option. I really said, lets go to lunch. My treat, its your birthday. So, now to decide where we are going. I just started aimlessly, and then I remembered a conversation about Chinese food. Bullseye we are going to Mama Fu's. They have a pretty decent lunch deal. EntrĂ©e noodles or rice with your choice of meat, an appetizer and a drink around $10.00.  So we get there and they are still in kitchen prep. Offered to let us sit, get our drinks and peruse the menu. (If I didn't already love this place today would have done it). 

We sit, discuss what we were I've decided Thai Cashew Stir Fry my biggest dilemma
choosing chicken or beef. Another one was to order the large potstickers or small to split. 
My friend ended up ordering Teriyaki with chicken. We also got a  large Edamame, also to split.
We were set. 

We ended up chatting for a couple hours, didn't get her back to her car until 12:30 or so, just enough time to for me to get home and soak in the tub. I found out later she ended up with my nap, so all in all it turned out to be an okay day. 

Monday, January 27, 2014


So last year I made my hubby who is a Green Bay Packers fan a blanket. Well, my friend who is a Vikings fan asked if I could make her a blanket. I figure sure why not, it didn't take me that long to make my hubby's so it shouldn't be too hard. Her birthday was in April, I had 4 months to get it done.

Ohhh... boy did I under estimate the work and the amount of time I was going to need to complete this project. I did learn some valuable things when I did this graphghan.

1. Bobbins were my best friend. Not sure you can see them in the first pictures but I just cut cardboard up and wrapped an amount of yarn of the color I needed at the time. 


What really kicked my butt was the braid. I was constantly picking up and dropping colors. So if I wasn't on my A-game I'd end up ripping up a row. Only did that once until I just so what, my friend won't know. 

2. I rolled as I went so when I got to the end I just had to unroll and continue on. 

Here's the beginning of the V in Vikings. It's probably the best picture that depicts the way I work a graph. 

Completed yes almost 12 months after I started it. I put it down for 4 months I was so stressed about the braid and honestly it turned out so well. I am so glad we do not have any Viking lovers in our family. I will NOT complete another one. Well, I might if the right person asked. 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

It's been awhile...

So... It's been awhile....

1. We went camping in White Sands National Monument. Will definitely post about that later. 
2. Patrick turned FIVE!!! A whole hand!!! 
3. Went to see the Grandparents in Colorado at my Aunt's house and have lots to post from then. 
4. Hubs signed Indefinite Papers and we received orders. 
5. Completed a Vikings blanket in just in time for a friend. Will definitely post that up here. 
6.Traveled home for Christmas this year and they were so accommodating to have snow waiting and more to come. (Even though we know we really should say thanks to Mother Nature).
7. Made Birthday pancakes for the hubs. 

I am going to get better at this posting business.