Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It was a Day!!!

Well, my friend Tiffany and I went to the Zumba class and the teacher called to cancel right before. So, I guess we will try for next week. That was a bummer.

I guess it lucked out in J.B.'s favor because that way he got to bed an hour earlier. He did not like waking up at 2:30, he did get up at 3:00. Oh and the amount of times Patrick ran in and out of our bedroom.

Patrick decided to brush his teeth except he thought it would be better to spread it all over the carpet. Oh, and did I tell you it was blue. I swear my kids do not want us to get our deposit back.

We did hit IHOP, it was international pancake day and we got free pancakes. I expected a weight but it was a ridiculous that a table of 6 that was seated right (I mean minutes) before us ordered, eat and paid before we even got our food. At least we had our drink orders we taken in a timely manner. Wish we had the kid that was covering the table next to ours.

Monday, February 27, 2012


Ok, I have to say it happens after every child. I'm not sure why but its at the three mark that I tend to feel like I want to get back into shape. I need too. I am definitely over weight by my height, but I actually feel the need. Which is just odd over all. I mean, I spent 4 years in high school playing volleyball did a year of softball. In the last 10 years not felt like doing anything that resembles exercise.

So I decided to look up Zumba. I know its the latest craze but I need something that's soft impact, my knees have been acting up (not sure if its the weight or what) definitely something cardio. I found a class at a near by school that is free. I'm so excited to try it out tomorrow.

My hubby will be off tomorrow so he can watch our son for the time of the class if not I will have to bring him with me. Hopefully they will allow that or I can slam him in a stroller (hopefully).

So looking forward to see how it is tomorrow. Will keep you posted.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


So I've set aside Patrick's stocking and decided to start up a blanket for him.

Where I stopped. Have the heal, backstitching and his name to complete.

I found Pintrest, not sure that is the best thing for me but so far I haven't gone over board. Yet anyways. When I was looking through site I found a site online online called Crochet school. Here is the link to the sight http://www.craftyminx.com/2011/11/crochet-school-.html/#

So I decided to watch her videos and in one was a granny square. So I decided to try it out. I want to try a hexagon blanket but I think that will be for another time. So I raided my stash of yarn. I had Red Heart Super Saver in Bright Yellow, White, Delft Blue and Patrick pick out the Green (his favorite color).

So I gathered my supplies, scissors, my purple crochet hook, yarn needle, and a recycled tomato can for my scraps of hard. I decided to take Dana from Craftyminx suggestion and weave in my ends as I go. That way I won't be spending days weaving in ends.

Here is just a sample of squares. I've decide to make each color in the center, middle and outside and just rotate. I've also decided to solid squares so I'll sew them together to make bigger squares. So I will have a row of Green, blue, white with the different solids across. So it will end up 4 by 4 once I'm all done. 

I decide to finish up all the solid squares first that way. I only need 12 of those and 20 of the mixed squares. I will post more pictures as I go. The nice thing about the squares is they hardly take any time. So this project shouldn't take much time. Well, we will see.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

On the Ipod

One of my banes of existence is dishes. The house we are renting at the moment has a dishwasher but it doesn't run through. It fills with water makes all the appropriate noises for a dishwasher but doesn't drain or actually washes the dishes. So to make the task more enjoyable I jam out to music on my ipod. So, I was curious to see what are the number one songs in my playlist. I'm very surprised at the numbers

1. Apologize (ft. OneRepublic) by Timbaland with 580 plays
2. Leave Out all the Rest by Linkin Park with 310 plays
3. Shadow of the Day by Linkin Park with 290 plays
4. All the Right Moves by OneRepublic with 212 plays
5. Little Bit (ft. Lykke Li) by Drake with 187 plays
6. Party All the Time by Black Eyed Peas with 183 plays.

I have to say that I figured my favorite song from Pentatonix from the Sing Off would have more plays but they don't.