Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Can be incredibly stressful. You would think I would have this down. This is my sixth move with the Army (well with the hubby being in the Army).  In the past we have gotten our orders six months out so we can get on the housing list and start preparing that far in advance. I'm hoping it was just the last post we were at that made it incredibly hard to leave. We didn't receive our orders until May with a report date of July 10th that is crazy.  Not impossible but dang there were some harry moments. 

Like not knowing if the movers were going to be able to come at the exact dates we needed. Even getting on the housing list in May didn't guarantee us a house on this end. 

So we've been living in a hotel for the last 9 days. Two adults, two kids, and two cats. It hasn't been easy. Wish those two room suites were under per diem. Bed time has been rough, specially when one kid will fight with all his power to stay awake. "He's not tired." 

We did find a house and have submitted an application on it. Crossing my fingers it all works out. The hubs has to sign in tomorrow to start in-processing. Here's to hearing back that we are a go for the house and we can move in this weekend and work on get our stuff delivered next week. 

Hope you lovelies are having a wonderful week!!!