Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Home Alone... Sort of!

It's 10:00 or 2200 for those associated with the military.

The hubs is on a night watch or some other. So I am all alone, well the kids upstairs in bed and the cats. 

I can't say I can't sleep without my husband there by my side. I just don't track the clock and I will end up finding its 1:30 am. He is my clock watcher. 

Ever have those days that diner just isn't going to be anything healthy, exactly?

Ya, that so happened tonight. I was suppose to make stuffed pork chops. Which will be our dinner for tomorrow night. We ended up scrounging around the fridge for whatever was easy and edible. 

I won't go into our bad eating habits. I do have to say I did put my foot down, to ice cream. Was tempted but it was a no go.

Have you had those days? What are your go to eats if you have them in the house?

Hope all is well!!!

Friday, April 25, 2014

The Blahs....

Ever just have the blahs?? 
I have a bad case of them. Haven't picked up one of my crochet projects or cross-stitch ones. 

I did catch up on the In Death series by J.D. Robb. I just can't not read those books in a couple days. I love them. I read Thankless and Concealed In Death.  

I absolutely loved Thankless. Roarke and Eve were awarded medals and Sumerset (Roarke's father of sorts) arranges Roarke's family to be in town for the ceremony. Then the whole scene between Nixie and Eve was beyond anything I could imagine. 

As I read that scene, I wondered if there was any book that J.D. Robb or Nora Roberts has had a hard time writing. I could not imagine writing Nixie's story. She is a survivor of her whole family's murder along with her friend. 

We may or may not be heading to Albuquerque to sell my husbands truck this weekend. If we do will have a post on what exactly what we did to fill the day. 


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Weekend fun!

The plan was go through the section of the garage we stuck stuff we are getting rid of.
I really thought it was going to take a lot longer than it did. 
I put my husband on getting us some tunes. We have an extra tuner and speakers, by the time he had that done. I just needed help with the awkward pieces.

We put the boxes we have leftover on the shelves my husband built. I can announce I can actually park my car in the garage. It's the little things really. It will come in handy when it starts getting hot in  the next couple weeks. 

We hit the dump and then took the kids to the pool. Patrick has only been begging to go to the pool for the last month. Well, maybe two weeks, so we picked up his buddy Connor and hit the water. 

I actually didn't have to get in the pool, so I took along my latest project and worked up some on Eagles Majesty.  I am working it up for my father-in-law. 

It has worked up pretty quick, but then Dimensions use a lot of half stitches. I will get some pictures of the progress so far.  

Hope yow lovelies had a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bad thing...

Today as I drove back from the Volunteer recognition luncheon I just had to stop by Hobby Lobby. 
I mean I just did!!!

Well, I was going to price check some linen for another cross-stitch project I want to start. I bet your thinking wait, what start another? Did you finish your daughter's name pillow yet?

Nope haven't finished that one, yet. I do need to take some pictures to update on that project and show you the project I started for my father-in-law. 

Well, I always check out the clearance section near yarn, fabric and stitching year. There a couple clearance sections if you know where to look. Well, I found this gem on clearance. 

I loved it when I fist spotted it, even showed the hubs, but didn't want to spend the $29.99. I don't have a kiddo that would like this or a reason to have it. So it is going in my stash for maybe a future nephew or a just because project.  I was lucky and bought it for $19.19 but you can find it on here for $25.99

Now I have to confess to my husband that I bought it. To save money for vacations and build our emergency savings fund, we put ourselves on a $40.00 allowance every 2 weeks. So $160 a month for both of us. That means my craft supplies or his tobacco products or misc buys come out of that and not our bank account. We've done really well, except for today.

 We have stopped transferring out of savings just because. Stuck to our food budget and gas budget. What also makes me happy is my husband isn't as stressed over the fact that we have no savings. We aren't to the 6 month of bills stash, but we are getting there. 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


So it's begun, the prepping for moving. 

Well, we've tried to do a little each weekend, but with last weekend sickness that didn't happen. 

One of the things we start to do is eat from our freezer. I know you are thinking, we always do this but we always have an extra pound of hamburger or a few steaks, and a couple of breast of chicken. 

So we took stock when we were meal planning this past pay day. We usually buy syrup in a big jug so we can refill our bottle. Saves money and then we don't end up with a bunch of sticky bottles at different levels of fullness (trust me it has happened before).

Are there tips that you do that would be great to try. I am up for anything to make this move smooth!!! 

Have a great day!!!

Sunday, April 6, 2014


We barely survived!!!

Let's just say, it was gross. Patrick came down with the pukes and diarrhea first. 

I was hit next. We definitely didn't have it as bad as Patrick. Who surprisingly bounced back yesterday. Oh to be young and have a quick immune system.

Abbie and I pretty much laid around all day. We each took a nap, she woke up thinking it was Monday. All I have to say is I wished my nap was that good.

My husband has a stomach of iron and he came home from his chapel work today saying his stomach was off. Crossing fingers it doesn't progress to what the rest of us had. 

Hope you had a MUCH better weekend than we did. 

Friday, April 4, 2014


It's a great start to the weekend. 

I got a call from my son's nurse, that he had a terrible runny nose and one pink eye.  Never said anything about his stomach hurting. 

Well, I started the process of signing him out. Had to fill out a paper because I had never signed him out before. That's right he started school last July and April is the first time I signed him out.

I say GO ME!!! Right?!?!?!

Except my poor guy started puking right then and there. The poor father that was also picking up his son got some splatter on his shoes. 

Now you'd think, Oh he's puking here have a trash can! Nope I had to ask for one. They were more worried about getting napkins and the custodian up to the front. While he was actively puking. 

I can say, we will most likely not make it to zoo or movies like I wanted to do this weekend. 

Poor guy hasn't held anything done since 11:00. 

Please Pray for me, I don't do well with puke. So far I haven't succumbed so far, but the night is young.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


I can't believe its April already. 

Tomorrow we have a relator coming to the house, so we can list it. 

I'm kind of sad about that. It means one chapter is closing. So we can start on our next adventure.

 It also means we need to clean house. We got a good start on the garage. It's just the rest of the house we need to get through. 

Mainly the kids closets and toys. We did have two boxes of boys clothes and one bag of girls clothes, that I will be delivering to my friend that has a couple of girls and a little guy that can put them to good use, hopefully. 

Any of you starting a new adventure? I'd love to hear about it.