Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bad thing...

Today as I drove back from the Volunteer recognition luncheon I just had to stop by Hobby Lobby. 
I mean I just did!!!

Well, I was going to price check some linen for another cross-stitch project I want to start. I bet your thinking wait, what start another? Did you finish your daughter's name pillow yet?

Nope haven't finished that one, yet. I do need to take some pictures to update on that project and show you the project I started for my father-in-law. 

Well, I always check out the clearance section near yarn, fabric and stitching year. There a couple clearance sections if you know where to look. Well, I found this gem on clearance. 

I loved it when I fist spotted it, even showed the hubs, but didn't want to spend the $29.99. I don't have a kiddo that would like this or a reason to have it. So it is going in my stash for maybe a future nephew or a just because project.  I was lucky and bought it for $19.19 but you can find it on here for $25.99

Now I have to confess to my husband that I bought it. To save money for vacations and build our emergency savings fund, we put ourselves on a $40.00 allowance every 2 weeks. So $160 a month for both of us. That means my craft supplies or his tobacco products or misc buys come out of that and not our bank account. We've done really well, except for today.

 We have stopped transferring out of savings just because. Stuck to our food budget and gas budget. What also makes me happy is my husband isn't as stressed over the fact that we have no savings. We aren't to the 6 month of bills stash, but we are getting there. 

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