Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Home Alone... Sort of!

It's 10:00 or 2200 for those associated with the military.

The hubs is on a night watch or some other. So I am all alone, well the kids upstairs in bed and the cats. 

I can't say I can't sleep without my husband there by my side. I just don't track the clock and I will end up finding its 1:30 am. He is my clock watcher. 

Ever have those days that diner just isn't going to be anything healthy, exactly?

Ya, that so happened tonight. I was suppose to make stuffed pork chops. Which will be our dinner for tomorrow night. We ended up scrounging around the fridge for whatever was easy and edible. 

I won't go into our bad eating habits. I do have to say I did put my foot down, to ice cream. Was tempted but it was a no go.

Have you had those days? What are your go to eats if you have them in the house?

Hope all is well!!!

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