Friday, March 30, 2012

Colors, colors and more colors

Well, its started since starting the home buying process, it finally feels real. We went by the lot and found out they laid out the forms. I believe the next step is trenching and laying our utilities. So from here we will be taking weekly pictures. Which will be fun. Can't wait.

We made appointments yesterday with Prewire. (they will be installing the surround sound wire and cable/phone jacks. We also found out that we also get two wired speakers for our patio out back. Which will be awesome since we have a system that will be able to support that.

Our next appointment was with ZIA homes where we got to pick our colors. Trust me it was difficult. The first thing the nice assistant told us to pick out was the tile. It was pretty funny. Jb and I picked out the same tile (which was the only thing we did really quick). It's a dark blue with gold, reds and grey flecks through out. It's was pretty. We also decided to go with the bigger tiles. 16 x 16. That way there won't be as many grout lines. Speaking of grout she then handed us a container of colored grout tiles. We ended up with with a dark blue/grey. Then came the carpet. Let me tell you, we went so far away from a light one. We went with grey. Oh man, I can't wait to see the tile and carpet together.

Next up? You guessed it the counter top and cabinets. We went with light for both. Oak Cherry Light with the cabinets and Rock and Roll (or something like that) with the counter tops. It was popping. I can't wait to see it all together.

Then we moved on to stucco and trim. Let me tell you if that was hard the stucco was the worse thing we had to choose. Go with light or dark stucco and the reverse for the trim and then we got to pick rock. I'm telling you if they would stick some of that on-line so we could see some things before hand it would have been great. So we were hemming and hawing our way through the sheet, when the assistant pulled out pictures. Thank god!!! We ended up picking a brown stucco and a light trim. We even got to pick what color our shingles and the poor roofers are going to be laying black shingles in June/July. I feel bad but didn't think green shingles would really go with the color we picked for stucco.

Then we moved into the house and picked wall and trim. We ended up with a light yellow for the wall. And like a light white/grey trim. It is going to pop. I didn't want it ended up all dark with our dark tiles and grey carpet. Oh man oh man, it's going to be great. I can't wait to get pictures up.

Monday, March 5, 2012

The arrival

You hear that knock at the door? 

Yes, its our surprise guests. Send the children to the door and what happens?

Our daughter looks through the blinds in the window and starts screaming. She was so excited to see Grandpa, oh and Grandma. 

Poor Patrick plugged his ears. Needless to say our surprise was a success and have been enjoying my parents visit. 

So far we have had a picnic at a park (its a tradition) and went Flower Girl Dress shopping. Abbie came away with a dress and some shoes. Lucky girl. I guess that means I have to start dress shopping. Yippie!!!

Friday, March 2, 2012


My daughter called her Grandpa and left the cutest message:

'Grandpa this is Abbie, it's warm down here in Texas and The Lorax starts on Friday. Do you think you will be able to come down and go with us?'

Well, my dad called back and said he wouldn't be able to come this friday because he wasn't sure he could get the time off. 

Well, both of my parents got the time off and decided to surprise the kids and drive down. I can't wait to see my kids reactions.

They are both going to flip.