Monday, March 5, 2012

The arrival

You hear that knock at the door? 

Yes, its our surprise guests. Send the children to the door and what happens?

Our daughter looks through the blinds in the window and starts screaming. She was so excited to see Grandpa, oh and Grandma. 

Poor Patrick plugged his ears. Needless to say our surprise was a success and have been enjoying my parents visit. 

So far we have had a picnic at a park (its a tradition) and went Flower Girl Dress shopping. Abbie came away with a dress and some shoes. Lucky girl. I guess that means I have to start dress shopping. Yippie!!!


  1. Thanks for your comment on our blog! When will you be here? Are you coming before or after Kate's wedding? I know she's getting married in Helena, but thought maybe you'd be stopping by Billings too. Taylor would LOVE to play with Patrick =)

    1. Yes, we aren't sure how far in advance. We will be driving and it takes a couple days. I'm sure we will walk over one day.