Wednesday, December 14, 2011


So it's been awhile. I think my last post was back before Thanksgiving. So let me catch you up there. We to my sister-in-law's for 10 days. Had a fun filled 10 days. Did Great Wolf Lodge with my Aunt, Uncle, and cousin's sons. Had a ton of fun. Did the Polar Express, which I had the best time. Not so sure about the kids. We did Thanksgiving up right and had a birthday party. (My niece's, she turned 8). Went swimming on the saturday afterwards and flew home that Sunday.

In that whole week, my hubby came home. It was bitter-sweet. I was so glad he was home but sad, that we weren't there to meet him at the plane. Will never do that again. The nice thing was that he picked us up at the airport. That was so much fun. Got it on video. Abbie was so surprised. She actually yelled at me for lying to her. Patrick was so happy his dad was home. He told him "I like you dad." (I think he mean love).

We've had a few weeks to get back in the swing of things. Which is nice. It was so much of a hassle this time around. Probably because it was a shorter time period. Patrick doesn't like that he has to go to work, so now we are counting down the days until he is on leave (vacation). He is taking a whole month. I'm excited because I might be able to sleep in. Not a luxury I get to do, when he is gone.

We were told by our rental company that the home owners have to sell the house (court ordered) because they are divorcing. So we should start looking for a place in February. Well, I was informed today that they have someone interested in looking at the house and want to see it some time in the beginning of next week. Yippie!!! I almost want to be an ass and say sorry we will be here until our lease is up (2 yrs). But then again I don't want to stay in this house at the same time. I guess we shall see how it goes from here on out.

I try to get some pictures up of what we've been doing lately. Walks at the Scenic Drive, Free hockey games, Build to Grow at Lowes. I will see if I can get the video up here too. More will come. I promise to get back on the band wagon.