Friday, April 4, 2014


It's a great start to the weekend. 

I got a call from my son's nurse, that he had a terrible runny nose and one pink eye.  Never said anything about his stomach hurting. 

Well, I started the process of signing him out. Had to fill out a paper because I had never signed him out before. That's right he started school last July and April is the first time I signed him out.

I say GO ME!!! Right?!?!?!

Except my poor guy started puking right then and there. The poor father that was also picking up his son got some splatter on his shoes. 

Now you'd think, Oh he's puking here have a trash can! Nope I had to ask for one. They were more worried about getting napkins and the custodian up to the front. While he was actively puking. 

I can say, we will most likely not make it to zoo or movies like I wanted to do this weekend. 

Poor guy hasn't held anything done since 11:00. 

Please Pray for me, I don't do well with puke. So far I haven't succumbed so far, but the night is young.

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