Monday, February 27, 2012


Ok, I have to say it happens after every child. I'm not sure why but its at the three mark that I tend to feel like I want to get back into shape. I need too. I am definitely over weight by my height, but I actually feel the need. Which is just odd over all. I mean, I spent 4 years in high school playing volleyball did a year of softball. In the last 10 years not felt like doing anything that resembles exercise.

So I decided to look up Zumba. I know its the latest craze but I need something that's soft impact, my knees have been acting up (not sure if its the weight or what) definitely something cardio. I found a class at a near by school that is free. I'm so excited to try it out tomorrow.

My hubby will be off tomorrow so he can watch our son for the time of the class if not I will have to bring him with me. Hopefully they will allow that or I can slam him in a stroller (hopefully).

So looking forward to see how it is tomorrow. Will keep you posted.

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