Sunday, January 26, 2014

It's been awhile...

So... It's been awhile....

1. We went camping in White Sands National Monument. Will definitely post about that later. 
2. Patrick turned FIVE!!! A whole hand!!! 
3. Went to see the Grandparents in Colorado at my Aunt's house and have lots to post from then. 
4. Hubs signed Indefinite Papers and we received orders. 
5. Completed a Vikings blanket in just in time for a friend. Will definitely post that up here. 
6.Traveled home for Christmas this year and they were so accommodating to have snow waiting and more to come. (Even though we know we really should say thanks to Mother Nature).
7. Made Birthday pancakes for the hubs. 

I am going to get better at this posting business. 

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