Friday, July 26, 2013

A Long Time...

I can't believe it's been almost a year... Well not 12 months but 9 months, which is almost just as bad. I guess it's going to be Flashback Friday.

We went home for Thanksgiving, well the kids and I did. The hubby had to go to a training in MO. He was gone for 6 weeks.

Christmas we spent in our house. First Christmas so we (I) wanted to be here for it. I have to admit that I did miss being around family. We did have the Sacketts over for dinner. Santa brought the kids Skylanders and they got hooked.

We just plugged along until March when we took a spring break trip to San Antonio, TX. We hit Sea World, the Zoo, Alamo, Tower of Americas, and did a River Walk Boat tour. It was a great 4 days. I have another post in the works with pictures of out trip.

In May, Abbie turn 10. I'm not sure we were ready for that. She was pretty excited, in the military they don't let kids get I.d's until 10. Unless they are moving OCNUS. Her birthday hit on a Friday and it happened that it was also the last day of school. We took her out to lunch and then went swimming.

Our vacation we went home in Montana. My mom gave Abbie a horse ride for her christmas present. (another post in the works for that too). We had a cousins reunion, my Aunt Alice came up from Longmont, CO, Aunt Linda and Uncle Tom came out from Gold Bar, WA and my cousin with her kids flew in from Seattle, WA.  Will blog about our week with cousins. We finished it off with a trip to Yellowstone National Park. I could have spent days there.  Abbie extended her vacation and went out to Portland for a week and half.

July we've spent our time chillaxing (I know that's not a word or one I'm going to barrow from Gru). We have swam and least 2 times a week. Patrick and I went to Despicable Me 2. Will definitely have to see it again. Last Tuesday we went to a double feature at our dollar theater. Normally its $2.00 for a ticket but on Tuesday they are for $1.00. We saw Epic and The Croods. I enjoyed both.

Today we went to Patrick's school for orientation. Yes that's right orientation. School starts on Monday. I'm a little nervous. You'd think I've never put a kid in school before. Well, he is going to be bussed to school. Our 'home' school doesn't offer Pre-K. So he will be bussed to Myrtle Cooper. His teacher seems very nice, I can't wait to work with her. What I'm going to have a problem with is not being able to talk to her to see how he is doing and what we need to work on. I guess I will use her email that she gave us.

Sorry that was a lot for just a flashback and I probably didn't hit all the points. Well, I will just have to keep you informed then.

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