Monday, January 27, 2014


So last year I made my hubby who is a Green Bay Packers fan a blanket. Well, my friend who is a Vikings fan asked if I could make her a blanket. I figure sure why not, it didn't take me that long to make my hubby's so it shouldn't be too hard. Her birthday was in April, I had 4 months to get it done.

Ohhh... boy did I under estimate the work and the amount of time I was going to need to complete this project. I did learn some valuable things when I did this graphghan.

1. Bobbins were my best friend. Not sure you can see them in the first pictures but I just cut cardboard up and wrapped an amount of yarn of the color I needed at the time. 


What really kicked my butt was the braid. I was constantly picking up and dropping colors. So if I wasn't on my A-game I'd end up ripping up a row. Only did that once until I just so what, my friend won't know. 

2. I rolled as I went so when I got to the end I just had to unroll and continue on. 

Here's the beginning of the V in Vikings. It's probably the best picture that depicts the way I work a graph. 

Completed yes almost 12 months after I started it. I put it down for 4 months I was so stressed about the braid and honestly it turned out so well. I am so glad we do not have any Viking lovers in our family. I will NOT complete another one. Well, I might if the right person asked. 

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