Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Another laugh

So we sit down for dinner and it wasn't anything special eggo waffles and bacon. Yep pretty healthy if you ask me. My poor kids are going to grow thinking you have to stick waffles in the toaster to get them warm. Anyway, we were just sitting down and Abbie started the conversation.

Abbie: "I wonder what El Paso looked like when it was older?" I replied, "Do you mean when it was new?" Abbie: "No, I mean in the olden days like the 80s." I looked at her and said: "Does that mean I'm old?" Abbie: "No, they just didn't make houses like this in the 80s."

I seriously don't know where she comes up with these things. All I could do was smile at her. I was afraid if I laughed she would get mad at me. She is starting to get conscious about stuff like that. I just told her she was pretty funny and I know she doesn't think I'm old.

Patrick today decided it was ok to let Knuckles go outside even though I expressed that he can't. Of course Knuckles was in heaven. He ate some grass, which I hope to find puked back up downstairs and not upstairs in one of the rooms on the carpet. Oh, well. I'm gonna have to start carrying the camera around. He is getting to stinkin' cute now a days.

Not much going on. Counting down the days to go see Kristina, Dan and Baby Connor. Super excited!!!

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