Friday, August 19, 2011

Open House Madness

So today was open house at Abbie's new school. What a cluster of a mess that was. The parents in some regards were/are worse than the kids. The principle was talking about attendance and discipline actions and no one could hear her. I could barely hear her and I was in the front row. Plus, then they passed out ice cream. The kids wanted ice cream and I just wanted to go see her teacher.

I'm not sure about this year. I think she has a first time teacher. I'm not saying first timers are a bad thing but I think Abbie needs one that knows the ropes. Maybe not we shall see.

After the open house we went school supply shopping with Christian and his girls. It was a riot, not the same as my shopping buddy Amanda. I miss her a lot.

My favorite picture of my babies.

A good family picture

My Boys

Not really sure what was going on.

Crazy like tiger. Eric took this picture. It turned out great. LOL

The last hug. Until next time. Be safe babe!!!

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