Saturday, August 20, 2011

Survived the Sleepover

So I was not sure I was going to survive the sleepover; but we did. Abbie and Amelia didn't stop talking and giggling till 2 am. Poor Aurora came downstairs and slept on the couch. She said it was a lot more comfortable than the floor. I wasn't sure why they were sleeping on the floor, when Abbie's bed could probably fit all three of them comfortably.

Took them to Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. They have a new Lemon Kreme Pie doughnut. It was delish. I do have to say it was messy only because the outside was caked in powdered sugar and I guess me and powdered sugar doesn't go well.

He is my fishboy. He LOVES the water.

She too had a blast.

I'm not sure if it was cold but they wanted me to take their pictures while they standing there. 

Doesn't this look like water jail?

Then I decided that I was going to take all the kids to Biggs Water Park. I think they had a blast and gave Christian some down time. Aurora wanted to set another date for a sleepover when Puss in Boots come out in November. I bet it will be fun, but I'd take them to an earlier showing.

Well this girl is exhausted and she is off to bed. Good night everyone.

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