Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday at the Zoo

The Giraffe were fighting but they decide for this picture to behave and let me get a good one of them.

 Tried to get Patrick to stay with the Orangutan but he wouldn't do it. Not sure this one was ready for Patrick anyways.

Have to say the turtle decided to show us how long he could stretch his neck. It was pretty cool to see.

Zebra butts. I'm not sure I need to say anymore than that.

Jb didn't have to work today so we decided to hit the zoo. Really enjoyed it. We saw Ocelot, Lions, snakes, monkeys, tapirs, Orangutans, birds.

We will have to hit again when my mom and dad come down for Patrick's birthday. They had a train that you could ride around on but it was down.

It was a pretty good day all in all. Patrick went down easy for a nap, that's always a win in my book.

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