Friday, August 26, 2011

The Blahs

The last couple days have been blah days. Nothing bad but nothing to great either. I will probably have a few of these days in the next year and many years to come.

We went to Menchies with Tiffany last wednesday. That was pretty fun. I tried the Dulce de leche yogurt. It tasted like frozen caramel. Very yummy.

We made plans to get together this weekend to make puppy chow. I'm not sure if she wants to come to my house or we do it at hers. I will have to text her tomorrow to see what she has in mind. We picked up some cards to send to Jb. Can't wait to get those off in the mail. I need to grab some stamps. I might actually have some in my wallet.

Abbie survived her first week of school. We celebrated with CiCi's Pizza and a couple used games for the wii. I'm trying to stock our wii games up. Maybe we will play it more. We got Wipeout. Which is hilarious, we may have to take that one to Dan and Kristina's house. I would love to see how Dan does. We also got Super Mario Galaxy 2. Hopefully it isn't as hard as the last one. We shall see though.

I also had my blood draw done up for the life insurance policy we decided to do.

The blahs are making me tired so this lady is off to bed.

Hasta luego!

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