Friday, August 19, 2011

Movie Night with the Girls!!!

Yes we went to Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World. Amelia, Aurora, and Abbie went with me. It was fun. Now they are all up in Abbie's room sequestered. Left Patrick out. Poor little guy.

He has taken Daddy's phone off somewhere to play, Angry Birds no less.

It hasn't taken very long to adapt to single life, well I'm still adjusting but the making sure my phone is on me at all times; both pair of keys; moved the body pillow up on the bed. I've decided they need to figure out how to make a heated body pillow. They would make a killing near base that have units deploy.

OPSEC ~ Operational Security. It's information that we should not put out on the internet or through phone calls because the 'enemy' will be able to track it down and use it.

Well now a days every unit has started using facebook. I'm not saying they should and its about the best place to get information out but I draw the line at putting the address where the units are going to be. Maybe it isn't opsec anymore. Who knows but man, its a sad day when I have to go to facebook to get the information I should receive in an email.

Talked to Jb tonight. He said they got in around 5 our time. He sounded tired. Hope he gets some rest. He has already told me a few things that he forgot and needed.

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