Monday, September 12, 2011

Catch up!!

So I know it's been at least a week. So we are going to catch up. 

Over Labor Day weekend we went to see Dan and Kristina and Baby Connor. Who is just cute as cute can be. Got my baby snuggles in. (Which J.B. is happy baby fever didn't set in).

We had a short week for school and it went by fast. Abbie learned a new trick to learn her words. Called the Pyramid. So if you are spelling fast

And then you draw a triangle around the word. She enjoyed it and did well.

I've been working on Patrick's christmas stocking. I will post some pictures. It's going really well. I guess I'm waiting for the other stitch to drop. I know bad joke.

We've been lucky in being hearing from J.B. everyday or at least once a day. Patrick loves to talk to him. He always asks if its Daddy or Grandpa on the phone.

Today was pretty funny. We called my dad to get a hold of my mom. It's her birthday and I figured she didn't have her phone on her. Patrick gets hold of the phone and was telling Grandpa all the things he was doing. Like watching Little Einsteins and in the middle of his diatribe he just stops and says: 'oh hi Grandpa. How are you?' Which he asked all ready. Got to love my boy.

I found some picture collages that the NICU did of Ian when he stayed there after he was born. Kind of glad I went through some boxes today. 
Just need to go through a few more. 

Now we are finishing our day with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

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