Thursday, September 15, 2011


Anticipation: that is the word for the day. Abbie was so excited to hear that her Grandparents are only 4 1/2 hours away. They will most likely be here before school gets out. I can't wait. Patrick is so in love with his Grandparents I know he is looking forward to this visit.

I'm not ready yet, I never am. The floors in the kitchen need to be mopped. I need to finish my grocery shopping. Clean the bathrooms. You would think I haven't be preparing but that's all I seem to be doing. That and keeping up on the house work: dishes, laundry, pretty much everything thing else that falls into my category. Oh that is everything.

Missing my hubby, which has become a full time job. I'm hoping this deployment isn't actually going to be a whole year. I would take any smaller amount of time. Like say homecoming in February. We hit 10 years of marriage and I'd really like to spend it with the one I love and married. (Highly doubt that is going to happen).

I started my new project. It's a shall for my sister-in-law. Pink, she is going to love it. I also got yarn for Kimberly's shawl. Can't wait to start that. I need to get crack-en.

I find it interesting that I found an old college spanish book. Picked up and opened it and was reading the spanish. Was totally comprehending what was on the page. I wonder why I can't understand it while its spoken. I catch phrases I know and what not but not whole conversations. I'm going to keep the book and see if I can't brush up on my spanish. Maybe even get J.B.'s log on for the Rosetta stone.

I also have to thing of what I'm going to do for Patrick's birthday. I'm not really into it this year. Which is very sad to know. I don't know what to get him. If I should order him a cake or make one. He wants a Thomas the train cake. Abbie wants to do his birthday at the zoo. I'm just not sure how long my parents are going to be here. I'm think Sunday, but even then it I don't want to do it. UGH!!!!  Wish I had my battle buddy here to bounce ideas. The things we take for granted.

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