Saturday, September 17, 2011

Celebrating Patrick!!!

The Zoo for the birthday boy!!!

The Train we had to ride first.

The birthday boy!!! He's turning 3. Can't believe how fast its gone.

My mere cats. Abbie, Aurora, and Patrick.

They also got to ride the carousel. Talk about spoiled. 

Abbie, Aurora, Amelia, and Patrick

We found out that you could go see the sea loins from underneath. Pretty cool. One of the sea lions was trying to eat the kids hand through the glass. 

Patrick found the water park. Played for a good long time. Ended up dry by the time we got finish going through the rest of the zoo.

One of my favorite birds. I think its the bill. When the kids and I went through they decided to serenade us. Pretty interesting.

Of course we had to have a Thomas cake!!!

Can't believe its been 3 years. He is getting so big. Tried to blow out his candles before we were done singing Happy Birthday. Right before that he was singing it to  himself. Love him. 

This birthday will always be remembered because he slammed his thumb in the car door. Poor boy. Getting so big. Just loves everything specially his Grandma & Grandpa

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