Sunday, October 2, 2011

Kids say the Darndest Things

As we were leaving to go grocery shopping and grab some lunch Patrick (my youngest) said "I want my Daddy." Abbie (my oldest) said, "Sorry he is in Iraq." Patrick replied with "Why?" Abbie answered with, "To kill the bad guys."

I am not sure if I should be worried with this statement or not. When my husband was deployed the first time, she was three like our son is now. I think back to that time when we discussed him leaving and having to go over seas and how it was to be a long time before she could see him again. We told her it was for his work and that is what his boss said he had to do. We never said anything about bad guys or killing for that matter. What gets me the most is she said it so nonchalantly that it was an everyday thing.

A memorial stand my husband and his Chaplain made before his 2nd deployment.
Her dad is a Chaplain Assistant. In war that pretty much comes down to being the Chaplain's body guard. He also sets up services and arranges one on one time with the Chaplain and a soldier if need be and heaven forbid if they lose a soldier he would put together a memorial service. In peace or non-deployment, he does most of the same things in combat but the body guard. Mainly because there shouldn't be a threat here in the states.

If my husband were killing the bad guys, it means the FOB (forward operating base) is having a bad day and the Chaplain is in danger. I'm not saying he isn't qualified to go out on patrols (because I know he has) and take fire and return it,  its just not suppose to be in his day to day operation.

My question is do I correct her and saying no he isn't actually there to kill bad guys but it could be a by product of a situation? Or just let her go one thinking its that simple. It maybe easier for her to cope with him being gone.

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