Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Daddy's Girl

Giggles and bird calls
Abbie's been daddy's girl since forever, deployments are probably the hardest on her. She has been dealing with them since she was four. 

Snuggling in Miami
She is really looking forward to the end of December. That is when I told her Daddy is coming home. For the last two days she has said its almost November and then its December.

R&R Feb'07

He may be home before the end of December but I don't want to let the kids know unless its longer. So, now we are in the waiting game; which is always fun. The other day at breakfast, Patrick asked if Daddy was coming home today. Abbie told him no not until December, which I said the end of December because we don't have a date. She just sighed and said I know, wish it was now. 

Welcome Home Sept '07
All I could think was so do I. So, lets just cross our fingers that November and December go quickly as possible.

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