Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Excited and Not

At our last FRG meeting (family readiness group) we were told that a couple of the units in our BDE (brigade) have orders to come home. One unit was already in Kuwait. Which is exciting and happy for those units and their families. As I have a friend in one of those units, I am happy for them. Just wish it was my husband's unit. 

J.B. called me the other day and asked what would happen if he came home before Thanksgiving. I asked does he have a definite date. He replied back with no. I took a deep breath and said it would be great if you can be home before the 17th. That would be great, as if I can just ask for any date I want. Of course we have plans to go out of town and we are flying so it would be a bummer to lose that money and not go on our trip.  I feel bad for thinking that, my husband is way more important than any trip, but he did tell me that it would be ok. I flat out told him to shut up. We have always been here for good byes and homecomings, we are not about to miss one. It would be like jinxing us. So now we are in a waiting pattern. Now I regret wanting to be out of town for Thanksgiving. 

Upside is that he may not even be home by then or if he comes home while we are gone, then maybe he could surprise us at the airport when we come back. Wouldn't that just floor our children. It doesn't sit easy with us still planning on going on the trip. I miss my husband seriously bad. I know all wives do during a deployment but I don't want to miss our on homecoming. If he truly is home by then it will our shortest deployment yet and let me tell you he deserves a short one. I know I'm probably the only wife that wishes he would be home sometime after Thanksgiving. 

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