Tuesday, October 4, 2011

5 days

It was five days since the last time I got to hear my husbands voice. I talked to him tonight and it was a relief. Just to her 'hey how are you doing?'

It was six days since I saw him on Skype, boy do I miss those days where we skyed everyday. I wish I could complain about it. I'm never going to under estimate Skype dates again.

Today was a day that I wish I had my battle buddy. No, I needed my battle buddy. In the a.m we went to Abbie's school to participate in the Wellness Run. They have one once a month. You run laps around the school the class with the highest average gets a trophy. Not sure if they get it for the month or just a day. Family members can come along and run, so Patrick and I went. We each did two laps, so that made her total up to 6 laps. I hope we helped get them at the top.

I also said that I would watch a friend's son. His wife had to work till 9 p.m. and he had a night range. So we took on one more. Well, it was going good until the boys decided they couldn't share. Then pushing and shoving and pulling started. Of course that led to tears and broken body parts (that is Patrick's line ___ is broken).

Around dinner prep time, which is always Patrick's melt down time, he just automatically got up at the table to start coloring. Maybe we will by pass melt down from now on. I decided to cook up the acorn squash I got from the store last weekend. Well it needed more than 45 minutes. Which wasn't good, but it ended up better because the steaks were really thin so they didn't take anytime to cook up.

After dinner I got both boys to sit and watch a movie while I helped Abbie finish her homework. Well, by that time it was spelling which was triangle spelling so I didn't do much. We struggled with math tonight. Multiplication is my down fall and heaven for bid we get to division. I think I will take a vacation when that happens.

Didn't get peace and quiet until about 9'o'clock and remembered trash day is tomorrow. Rounded all that up and took it out. Came back in and saw the kitchen and decided it would be better if I left it for tomorrow morning. My feet hurt from being on them all day and I'm tired. Shocking right.

This lady is signing off and hitting the hay. Night all!!!

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