Saturday, March 1, 2014


 You would think I'd learn to stop stitching late into the night. Thursday night, working on the B for Abbie's name project. Thought I was doing pretty well. I was trying to get all the leaves to the flowers done so I could knock out all the flowers and then just fill in the B and what not. 

So I started friday with frogging... aka ripping out, aka rip it, rip it, rip it. Like it!!!

So with fresh eyes, I looked at it again and figured out where I went wrong and only had to rip 10 stitches instead of a whole bunch of them. 

I didn't get much work done yesterday as I committed to help setting up the Book Fair at my daughter's school. That was an experience and really can't wait for the fair to be over so we can get to spring break!!!!

From the school yesterday we went shoe shopping... you would think that I was super excited about that one. Yeah, not so much, but found a pair of black pumps to go with a dress for a cocktail attire event with Operation Homefront. It was such a great night and so glad I decided to go. 

Spent most of today running errands and go shoe shopping for the kids. Talk about fun times there. After a quick nap, hit the publish button, I will get back to the grind stone. 

Happy cross-stitching, crocheting or whatever your hobby is!!!!

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