Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring Break Extended!!!

So we were suppose to be head back today but the one thing having the hubs take leave for a week and a half is being able to change things up, when you need to.

We have been super busy....busy probably isn't even the word for it. We will be recuperating for days once we get back. Thursday we walked the Strip. I will get in more details and pictures. Friday we were back at the strip and did Vegas, The Show! (It was awesome!!) Saturday we did Hoover Dam in the morning. Then my sister in law's son watch our kiddos, so we could take in Freemont St and surprise my hubby with our long time friend coming up from Phoenix. Sunday we swam and napped at the hotel ended it with pizza as a family. Pretty funny story on that one and will definitely post it in a later post.  Monday we checked out of the hotel, got half our party to the airport and on their way home. The rest that stayed we bought 3 attractions for $57 at the MGM. It is the best deal you can make to do certain attractions. Will definitely post more about that. We did the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay. Tuesday the Bodies exhibit at the Luxor and today we did the Adventure Dome at Circus Circus. 

Tomorrow we are headed to the Grand Canyon and then down to Phoenix to stay with our buddy. Then the hubs has to be back to base on friday to link up with a soldier to give them a key to a chapel. 

Will definitely post more later lovelies! Hope you are having a wonderful spring break!! 

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