Sunday, March 9, 2014

Spring Break!!!


Could not have come fast enough! 

Mainly, I had volunteered all week at my daughter's school's book fair. 
Book fairs are brutal. Here in Texas, the charge tax. Surprise, surprise, not really but its so hard to remind little Kindergarteners that you need 1.07 if you want to get that .99 eraser. Trust me for your sanity you just start telling them you need, $0.54, $1.07, $2.15, $3.24, you get where I'm headed with this. 

My favorite is what can I get for.... and then they do not like the answer and will ask 4 or 5 times. Another favorite is the Mom comes in with their child's receipt and states, "My son bought two books but only came home with one!" So then, I had to ask was one of the books Minecraft? That's a pre-order as scholastic didn't send any of these out and no I do not know when they will be here. 

 I do have to say, I love volunteering at her library. I'm usually doing something different every day or every other day. Sometimes is shelving books, checking them in or out to students, or helping the Liberian with GT (Gifted and Talented). She has to test students twice a year to see if they qualify. You or your child's teacher can nominate your student. 

We are going to be traveling this Spring Break to Las Vegas!!! My sister-in-law moved there last summer and I have been begging my husband to go for years!!! Now, we can hit two birds with one trip!! Ha! 

Can't wait to update you with photos and all the fun things we will have done. Hope you are enjoying your spring break, that is if you are on spring break. Or thawing out as its 12 days until the first day of Spring. 

Where's you favorite place to volunteer? Where's your favorite place to go/thing to do on Spring Break?

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