Sunday, March 30, 2014


OK, OK, OK..... This is my rant and normally do not have this outlook. 

I love to move.
 Finding out where we are going. Things we can do there. 
All the new people we will meet. 

I hate the part of figuring out what we are going to do about out house. 
Rent it, sell it?
So many decisions. 

Live on post, or off post. 

So we are on the we need to trim the fat. 
Aka: clean out the garage and get rid of the junk we traveled here with. 

I'm finding it really hard. 
I have a tub of clothes from our first son that I am having a hard time getting rid of.
Also a tub of his toys. I feel guilty for keeping his and not the other kids. 
So many mixed emotions on this move. 

So I am in the moving sucks part of the move at the moment. 

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