Thursday, February 27, 2014


I bet your thinking that I have got a job. Nope! Not me, but I have been working on my daughter's cross-stitch name project. 

It took me forever to find a letter alphabet that I liked. Well, I found Mary Engelbreit: Alphabets with Personality at Hobby Lobby originally but I linked to Amazon if you'd like to purchase the book yourself.

I originally fell in LOVE with her M which has a mermaid incorporated into the letter. So of course I JUST have to do both Abigail Marie. So I bought a piece of Linen (which I've never worked with before) and subsequently threw out the package so I'm not ever sure of the size or count. I've been using DMC as that's the only floss I can find at Michaels, Hobby Lobby or even Walmart. 

I have made some significant progress since I took these photos on my husbands phone. I do have to say his phone takes some good ones. 

Here is the G A. I do have to say I REALLY REALLY love A's and I's when I'm done. 

Up close of the A.

I have completed the I on the left and started the B. Sorry for the shadow of me while taking the picture. I was just taking on for my mom. The I have a white quill that will have back stitching with I words. I haven't gotten to the back stitching because I want to make sure I have all the floss to complete the letters and then will get what I need for back stitching. 

I can't wait to get to her middle name to have a few more other letters than A and I. 

Of course I ended up asking her if she'd like me to hang it or make into a pillow and she jump at a pillow. Now I have to figure in sewing (not my speciality) and stuff and probably lining. 

My son is watching the progress and thinks it's so cool. I would use the same letters but P is Princess and I'm not sure that would be to cool. 

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