Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sorry for the quiet!!

It's been a quiet couple of weeks.  The first reason one of our cats who shall remain nameless (Princess) loves to chew on power cords and yes she got my computer cord. It truly was my fault, as I didn't hide as well as I should have.

Another reason two YES two weeks ago I ended up with chest tightness is the best I can explain it. Really any one with asthma, who know when I mean I could actually feel my lungs restrict. Well, I was hoping it was just going to be a chest cold. Nope it turned out to be a full blown chest and move up to my sinus'. Man was I hurting. One point I thought my head was going to explode! I would wake up with a headache and cough, the pain was intense. I did take my mother-in-law's advice and eat a spoonful of local honey (great allergy benefits) to coat my throat at night. I think also, my twice daily showers helped out too. I was really, really clean.

It couldn't have been the worse time to get sick, the hubs came back from his school last Thursday and the house looked like a bomb went off. I tried to get it picked up, but I had only so much energy.

I do have to say my girl Abbie was a life saver. She made dinner for her and her brother and even sometimes me. Can't say I had much of an appetite but she made sure I ate something. I can't look at another cup of water. I was constantly drinking, which was good to get the phlegm and what not loose but I am sick of it.

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