Sunday, February 16, 2014


Normally we do not celebrate V-day. In the years past we really didn't have the extra money. My husband made a comment that I don't want to celebrate making you special on one specific day. So I asked when was the last time you have done that? Stopped got me a candy or just got me flowers just because?  He stepped back and was like oh.... 

I didn't want him to feel bad. I really didn't, want him to feel he had to go out and get chocolates. I would like it if he would just surprise me every once and awhile. I did get to spend the day with him, he got a 4-day because of President's Day on Monday. Thank you Pres. Washington (not sure if you are the cause but I thank you anyways)!!! Sadly he has Chapel duty this weekend, so he did work Friday night and Sunday, but we ended friday night with our usual, cheese, crackers, salami, and wine! 

I hope all you lovelies had a wonderful Valentine's day! 

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