Friday, October 5, 2012

Volcano Cake!

So this year I asked Patrick what kind of cake would he like for his birthday?
He excitedly said: "A VOLCANO CAKE!!!" 

I was thinking of doing one for him before he even said it. He has this fascination with Volcanoes. Whenever we go to Barnes & Noble or any store that has books we head to the book section (cheaper and education that getting toys for the kids). He loves the easy reader National Geographic books. 
I do not know how many times I've read The Volcano book but Patrick can tell you all about magma, lava, magma chambers and vents. I love it because he is learning science at such a young age.

So I started planning his Volcano cake. I bought rice crispies to make a base and then had the thought I wouldn't be able to store it in my refrigerator. So I didn't use them as a base.

I went with a chocolate (his pick) box cake. Used our bunt pan. And made up a couple batches of frosting from the Wilton Cake decorating class I took back in May.

Cake out of the pan.
I wasn't worried about it being pretty. I was going to be covering with frosting.

First batch of frosting. 
I used black and brown gel dye to get the right color for the lava rock.

The rock.
I wasn't sure how much darker I want so I stopped here. It turned out really well.

Rock portion down.
I had got this far before Swim aerobics. Have I told you I work better under pressure? 

The finish product. 
I didn't get pictures of just the lava before the candles. I used orange and red gel to get the lava color I liked. I decided to make it look like the lava flowed down to spell out happy birthday Patrick. 

Lava Flows and the Vent
The back side of the cake.

The lava!

Happy Birthday Patrick!
One happy boy with his Volcano Cake. 

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