Sunday, October 7, 2012

Projects: New and Old

Old Projects:

Patrick's stocking:

So in our family we have a tradition on having cross-stitched stockings. Sad to say Abbie and Jb got theirs last year (yes if you know us that means they have been in the family for 8 and 9 years).
Progress before we packed up.
Patrick is going to get his a head of the curve only 4 years in the family. Needless to say it's coming along quickly. That is if I stick with it. We've had company and so I had to stick it up for a few.  
After unpacking.

Patrick's Blanket: Completed

So after I finished Abbie's blanket Patrick asked for one too. Well, I was tired of double knitting (seriously too hot in Texas to do that) so I went online and found videos to teach granny squares. 
Red heart yarn is what I had on hand so I went with that.
Patrick decided that he want four colors instead of three so he picked out the green. They turned out super pretty too. I love that I did it this way so when he needs it bigger all I have to do is pick another color and add a row and column.

My supplies: scissors, crochet hook H/8, needle to weave in ends.

Two of the four different squares.
So I decided to make a 9 square square. Each had 4 solid granny squares and 5 variegated square. So like in the picture Yellow - center, white - middle and Blue - outside. I rotated each color to be in the center, middle, and out side.

One completed square

My piles of completed squares.
So to make it easier to put together I crocheted a final border in black.

I goofed up. 
So the columns are suppose to be green, blue, yellow, white. Each row would have a solid square. Well when I was sewing them together I goofed and put the white-white and yellow-yellow on the same line.

Here's three rows complete
I took out the goofed up work and worked them in right so now you can see how it progressed to up the blanket.

Completed four rows. 
So once I completed it, I held it up to Patrick. Well lets just say I will probably be making some more rows in the future. But that's all good. I won't have as many to make. 

Super Slouch Hat: Completed

I don't have a picture of my hat completed. I got the pattern from here Super Slouch Hat Pattern
 (I hope the link works I've never done it before)

I decided that cooler weather was headed our way and since I have been going to water aerobics and loving it I needed a hat that would cover my wet hair. I love this hat. I would add one thing that helped me was a knitting maker. I slipped it on the beginning row every time I moved up.

Mermaid Tears Purse: Work in Progress

I don't have a picture of this work either. I came across Michael Sellick (I subscribe to Bernat's emails) He does videos on different stitches and what not and I had some yarn I hadn't figured out what to do with yet. Here's the link to the videos: Mermaid Tears Purse 

I'm using Berroco Pure Pima in Frost and Dutch Blue I did purchase my yarn from Royal Yarns but they no longer have the frost. 

I chained extra I wanted it a little wider and I'm using two colors. I really will get a picture up here. 

Pot Holders: Work in Progress

So I don't know what happen to all our pot holders (we may have thrown them out because they were falling a part) but at the moment we have three. Not so good when they get dirty or what not. 

Well as I was crocheting up the hat I notice that it would work up as a great pot holder. So I purchased two balls of Peaches & Creme color: 02600. It's a bright variegated yarn. (I love bright colors)

The next one I'm going to work up in a square. If I like that, I may start making them up for christmas presents or to sell at the yard sale we are having with some friends.

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