Thursday, September 6, 2012


I have definitely been slacking on here. I could blame it on the fact that since Memorial day we have moved in with friends, went of vacation, were in a wedding, moved out of friends home and into our own home, unpacking, and then had a 3 year old computer mishap (resulting in computer in the shop), school started and sickness. I do not know if that covers everything but I am not lost.

We are in year 2 in El Paso, TX. I love this place. I know love is a strong word but I do. In one month we had gone to the Zoo at least once if not twice a week. Found out some interesting information. They got a male tiger so they could breed the two female tigers. They open a giraffe encounter, you can pay $2 to feed the giraffes. They have such interesting tongues and actually wrap them around the lettuce. The female orangutang Ibu turned 19 and the male Butch were out in their exhibit together. Under close monitor.

Abs started school in a new school district and I have to say so far it seems so much better than El Paso Independent School District. She has two teacher Ms. Rico and Mrs. Hernandez.  She also is doing the Breakfast Club, so she has to be at school at 7:00 am, which is kind of nice.

We bought a house. I know I haven't updated the weekly photos, but we love it. Bought a hanging pot rack. We also after 10 years have a bedroom set. Love it!!!

On to Patrick, we had a rough couple weeks with him. He took detangling hair spray and sprayed it all over my keyboard on the laptop. Took 3 weeks to get that fix, luckily they could just replace the keyboard on my MacBook Pro. Now, he is recovering from croup/laryngitis. He was admitted for an over night stay at William Beaumont. Patrick pick my hubby as the one to stay with him overnight and he didn't get any rest. Lets just say, he's recovering nicely and back to his mischievous self.

I should be updating more often now... Upcoming a 4th birthday party, grandparents visit, and life.

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